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$60 Polaroid Add-on (Optional)

*$20 OFF from original price*

-$30 per additional pack of film

Add-on covers [2] packs of
Polaroid film - [16] shots

Can’t wait for your pictures to be developed?


Add the Polaroid add-on alongside your 120 film photoshoot to replicate your photos and have an instant physical copy




Photography Booking

Starting at $150 - 1 roll of film

  • $60 per additional roll Example: $150 base + $60 additional

  • 35mm is perfect for quantity over quality - very grainy but a lot of photos not ideal for printing (32-36 shots)

  • 120 is perfect for super high quality photos and large printing but not as many photos (10-15 shots)

Additional Info

  • Additional $1 per mile travel fee starting from east Austin

  • Editing and retouching is INCLUDED

  • Deposit is due after booking, NON REFUNDABLE AFTER CANCELLATION WINDOW. Rest due after photoshoot

  • Google Drive or Dropbox photo sharing 

  • Please request if negatives are wanted at check out

  • Photo prints available | $3.99 - $70 | Price varies based on size 

Band Booking

Somethings that are included:

  • Book your band in Austin's best venues

  • Create show flyer and hang them around the city

  • Take film photos of the show

Booking Fill Out Form

Bands booked by Retromanic

Accepting Austin and surrounding major cities
If you are outside of the area or out of state please include a link to live performance footage, venues you have played at and any local bands you performed with if applicable 


What does Retromanic offer?

  • Scout bands for the show (4 bands) 

  • Place everyone in a group chat on Instagram and agree on a date

  • Contact venues with everyone's info

  • Create flyer for the show, heavily promoted it on Instagram as well as print them and place them around Austin, TX

  • Attend the show and take film photos of the show

How far out does Retromanic book?

We typically try and book 2 - 3 months ahead to allow venues to read our emails since they are busy, they usually reply within 2-3 weeks, sometimes more sometimes less.

How much will the bands make?

It varies by venue but typically venues split 70/30 with the bands, typically a check is written to Retromanic and we would handle the distributions or if it is cash they will be distributed by either the bar or person in charge of the venue 

Where does Retromanic book?

We have booked bands at The Coral Snake, Hotel Vegas, The Far Out Lounge, Valhalla Tavern, Flamingo Cantina and Vaquero Taquero but reach out to every venue in Red River and 6th St.​​

What is Retromanic marketing budget?

A maximum of $50 split between 4 bands may be needed to promote the show, this will go towards Instagram ads, printing flyers or Google ads, but it also may not be necessary, it would depend on the importance of the show such as an album release, tour kick, farewell show for a band or even a holiday show. 

How is Retromanic compensated?

It varies by venue but we may receive partial ticket sells and bar sells or one or the other but it is decided by the venue the percentage cut and from where. 


Austin, TX | Buda, TX | Round Rock, TX

  • Instagram

FAQs - Photography Booking 

Is there a deposit?

There is a deposit due after check out, it will be a fixed rate of $100 to cover 1 roll of film and developing process and the rest will be due in person after the photoshoot. Deposit is not refundable if you do not cancel 48 hours before your session or if you do not show up to your session.

What's the turn around time?

Film development would take only 2 days, retouching and editing would be complete once the film is developed.

What gear is being used?

  • Mamiya 645 for 120 film

  • Cannon AE1 for 35mm film

  • Other cameras available for non concert use.

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